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I CAN'T .... All the spoilers and sides are driving me mad...
PsychS07spoilers and sides

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By the way, i'm actually doing scientific studies on biological engineering!

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(et j'oubliais, sachez que j'aime énormément les dragons!)
Oh et, je fais des études scientifiques de génie biologique, donc si vous faites la même chose, on peut rester en contact!
Mais sachez juste que je suis (beaucoup) plus littéraire!

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i'm a Crazy PsychO, a proud Whovian, a fantastic sherlocked fan, and i especially love to travel through time at 88 mph or from earth to distant planets on BC-304!

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So, its almost Christmas… and i had an idea. Two words: Psych Biscuits!!

I made them today^^ Enjoy!

-i used an almond biscuits recipe

-i made two types of colors: apple green and orange

-I used a mix of milk and sugar to put together the green and orange part!

Merry Christma Psych Fans!

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