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(et j'oubliais, sachez que j'aime énormément les dragons!)
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I wanted to gif this since the trailer came out, but I completely forgot until just now. From what I can see, it looks like Gintoki can use his scooter to run away, throw Justaway bombs, infringe copyright perform Kamehameha and use his ultimate technique the Thigh Kick which he ‘learned’ from Zangetsu Toyako. I wonder if he can do Final Getsuga Tenshou as well.

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These men, the ones known as the last samurai, were the students of the evil criminal who dared to oppose the heavens, Yoshida Shouyou. His students took up their swords to rescue their teacher.

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If you don’t… hold a rose carefully, you’ll get pierced by its thorns.

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[D-53] gingrish

nice catch • number one より only one だろう! • 人生 hit and run なんだよ! • chaaaange! change お願いします! • final answer?! • final answer じゃねぇ! • orthodox ですけど! • pants とか panty とか ノパンとか • あれだね。。。 t-back • domestic violence • neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong 砲だよ。 • 銀です~ just do it! • okay~ • oh yayyy! • 青森 apple • オイMichael Jackson はないだろう そりゃお前くしゃみじゃ Janet Jackson! • Shake it up baby! • fiction! • 信じるんだ inspiration 感じるんだ imagination • Edith Hanson! •  stay tuned~ •  信じて信じて believe~ • shut up! そして die~ • one more say! (ドンダケ! ドンダケ!) everybody say! (ドンダケ! ドンダケ!) everybody say! (ドンダケ! ドンダケェェェェ!) • positive thinking • happy birthday to you • independence day • play だ。 play~ • YOU, なったのかい • cattle mutilation • Hey! 123! • golden retriever の ウンコ • never give uuuup~ • beginner’s luck •  行けぇぇぇぇ! cheap impact! • exactly! • justaway から runaway! • help me, な? • what do you say? • that’s true~ • okay okay~ uh huh. okay~ • Hey! タカティン hey! • mission complete~

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there can only be one shonen hero


there can only be one shonen hero

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Did you also take that from a corpse? A single child stripping corpses to protect himself, is it? That’s very impressive.

However, you no longer need that sword. A sword that’s only swung in self-defense, while fearing others, should be thrown away. I shall give you my sword. If you wish to learn how to properly use it… Then come with me.

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Favorite Quotes / Hijikata Toushirou

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[D-34] gintoki and sougo (doS combi)

you're a strange man but
it's no wonder he's attracted to you.
you're sort of similar.

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